Here’s the challenge: get a healthier lifestyle and try and sustain it for 30 days. So what I mean is: to eat healthy at least 6 days a week (I can “cheat” on Sundays) and to exercise more.

I said in my first post that the diet part won’t be too bad, since I have a good enough diet anyway, but the fitness part… Just to give you an idea how lazy I can be, I’m the type of person who’ll look up the TV guide on the laptop rather than walk to the other end of the room to check the paper. And it’s not even a big room ha.

Getting fit is something I’ve wanted to do for ages but I’ve never been able to keep it up for too long. I think my problem was that I always started off all guns blazing: I’d go for a 30 minute run every day for the first week and then constantly repeat the phrase “I don’t want live on this planet anymore!” when I felt like death the next week. And that would be the end of that. :-P This time, I’m gonna try and ease myself into it. I’ll try and exercise for at least 20 minutes every second day for the first week and then increase as I get more comfortable. Doesn’t sound too bad eh?

So today’s Thursday… and it bugs me too much to start a new regime this late in the week, so I’m going to kick this off fully on Monday and spend the rest of today on my college assignments (oh the joy). I will try and get some fresh air today but my main goal is to get my report done.

But how does it sound? I’m going to stay positive; if I can do this, anyone can! :)

thanks for reading,

-Qcat :)