“There’s good in the worst of us and there’s bad in the best of us”. It’s a phrase my mother says every once in a while, and the other day I was just thinking about it. Sometimes it can be so easy seeing the bad in ourselves, but what’s not as easy is seeing the good in the people who have wronged us- the people we don’t like. The reason why: because sometimes we just don’t want to see their good points. It’s easier thinking of them as black-and-white antagonists- the kind of bad guys in most films and books, than to think they actually have some redeeming factors.

But what if we tried to see their good points? Imagine what a load off it would be not to carry around that dislike of them, that negativity.

So as part of my quest for happiness/positivity, I’m writing in my notebook one thing I like about the people I used to dislike. Here’s my first entry:

To the girl who sent me that horrible text: that was uncalled for and I don’t like what you did, but I refuse to hate you. And I secretly admire the effort you put into improving your skills.

                My goal is to focus less on what I dislike about them and more on what I do like. Because focusing on their bad points doesn’t make my own bad points disappear; it doesn’t make me any better a person. It just makes me more bitter and negative, and hey, where’s the fun in that?:P

So if any of you lovely readers are up for the challenge, feel free to comment and whatnot :)

Thanks for reading