Here are 4 tips to help get into a good mood quickly:

  1.        Make a folder on your computer dedicated to pictures that made you smile/laugh: Sometimes when browsing websites like 9gag, I come across pictures that really make me laugh and save them in a folder on my desktop. So whenever I need a pick-me-up, I know exactly where to look.
  2.        Do something random: Whether it’s dancing around the living room as well as a duck on ice or doing cartwheels in the garden, doing something random or silly can help you not take things too seriously.
  3.        Listen to upbeat music. My personal favourite at the moment is “Write it on Your Skin” by Newton Faulkner. The song always makes me want to dance around the room (or jumping around randomly is probably a better phrase in my case). I also like anything by Lindsey Stirling and L’arlesienne by Bizet.
  4.        Look at pictures of animals that look ridiculous when smiling. Like donkeys or horses. I know this could be classified under number 1, but I was just looking for an excuse to post this picture: 

SI Exif


*Disclaimer: I do not own the above image- Image found on google images :)

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading