I know I’ve been neglecting my 30 Day Fitness Challenge lately; I meant for Day 10 to be last Friday but as I mentioned in a post a few weeks back, it bugs me way too much to start something at the end of the week. I did manage to get some exercise in that day in the form of running like a madwoman to get my last assignment in on time (got it in one minute before the deadline! B-) ) and again when running to and from the bus (as you do). Despite that however, I’m too OCD to make it an official day in the challenge, which is why today is Day 10. 

But I’m finally back on track. Managed to get 20 minutes between running. skipping, pilates and hula hooping. It feels great to be hitting targets again and Day 11 will be next Wednesday :)

In other news, I’m also trying hard to get back on track with my positive attitude. I seem to prone to pessimism and I need to work harder than most people to retain positivity. I was going pretty well until my exams started and all positivity and reason went out the window. But looking back, I was too irrational and should have just taken a step back and relaxed and not have gotten that stressed out. But anyway, I’m finally finished now; I’m going to put the last few weeks behind me and look to the future for the future should be bright :) In the words of Batman’s father “We fall so we can learn to pick ourselves up again”

The key is not giving up, right? :)

Thanks for reading