Okay so I know last Thursday was meant to be Day 15 of my Fitness Challenge. Alas, due to unforeseen circumstances involving a fecked up tooth, I wasn’t able to reach my target until after that was sorted out after my dentist appointment. But I wasn’t totally inactive for the last few days: I spent a big chunk of last Wednesday walking all around the city and I spent all (quite literally) of Saturday walking all around London (quite a crazy day! London is awesome but my one regret is that I didn’t have longer to enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll make it back sometime though!) But even though I exceeded my targets both those days, I still wanted to wait to make today Day 15. So without further ado- did I meet my target for Day 15? Well, I can happily say-yes,  I did indeed and even exceeded it (like the last few days of my challenge: a mixture of skipping, jogging, pilates and hula hooping).  So I’m very happy with how things went today. :)

Day 16-> Wednesday. Hopefully no further tooth related pain!

Hope you’re all having an awesome day :)

Thanks for reading