I explained in my other post the reason for not doing my Fitness Challenge earlier in the week. Anyway back on track now so all is well. I spent most of my day in a windowless lab so the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from work was to enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Ireland lately and what better way to do that than a long bike ride around the countryside? Cycling in beautiful weather= awesome! And definitely exceeded my twenty minute target! :D

I mentioned in my last post about my new job at the university. I think it’s going to be a great way to keep on track with my healthy diet and exercise. RE diet, I’m only eating the healthy dinners in the canteen (there’s a traffic light system which I think is great: each dish on the menu has a coloured sticker next to it to show whether it’s healthy, okayish or unhealthy). Today I turned down the beef lasagna for the green sticked Falafel. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what Falafel even was before today, but it was actually pretty good. RE fitness: I’m doing a lot of extra walking between going to and fro the bus and running all over campus. But I have other plans of cycling to and from the bus stop in the village (I live at home so I get the bus in and out to college) which would be a great way of hitting my targets each day. I just need to figure a few bits and pieces out like where I can lock my bike and whatnot. Which reminds me… I should probably invest in a bike lock…Hope you’re all having an awesome day. Stay groovy! :)
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