Day 21 of my Fitness Challenge finito and I did meet my 20 minute target, mostly by speed walking. No better motivation to walk fast/run slowly than when you’re rushing to get a bus (managed to catch it with just one minute to spare. What can I say- I like to live dangerously. Some people get thrills out of bungee jumping and skydiving; I get mine out of leaving the bus last minute. ‘Cause I live on the edge ;P). 

Oh also did a minute on a “magical bicycle” (I had to add this in here!). It was at a science fair for kids and I was helping tidying up. Basically cycling just turned the light bulbs on- just a large dynamo really- but it was so much fun seeing the looks of amazement of the kids’ faces. “Science is awesome!!!” It was actually surprisingly harder to cycle than a normal bike, but I had to mention it here because the thing looked ridiculous! :D

Speaking of the science fair, I was having as much fun as the kids. The demonstrators made ice cream using liquid nitrogen- what’s not to love (especially when I got a free sample lol) :D

I do plan on doing something more active than walking soon enough, but I’m glad that I’m still staying active anyway. Yay for rushing for buses and science bicycles! :D

Hope you’re all having an awesome day!

Thanks for reading