One of my lovely readers suggested a post about Newton’s laws of Motion and their relevance to an inactive person becoming more active. I thought it was an awesome idea so without further ado, here it goes:)


Newton’s First Law: An object will remain in a state of rest or at a constant velocity unless an external unbalanced force acts on it.

If you’re sitting on a sofa, chances are you’re not gonna leave it until you physically make yourself get up and move- in this case, you are that “external unbalanced force” that changes you from being in a state of inactivity to a state of being active.

Now in regards to an object staying in motion… unfortunately even after you get off the couch, you still have to do work to stay in motion. Why? Because there are still forces like friction that oppose your motion. Imagine pushing a box on a table. The force of friction acts on the box, causes it to slow down and eventually to stop until all forces are balanced again and the box is again in a state of rest. But now imagine pushing that box along an oily surface- the box travels a lot further before stopping. It still stops though because the oil doesn’t totally eliminate friction- it only reduces its effect.

But even if there wasn’t any friction or any other forces to oppose your motion, if you want to get fit, you still need to put in an effort to burn calories. Besides, a world without friction would be dangerous: simple tasks such as walking would be a lot harder as we’d just be slipping all over the place.

Lately I came across a creative interpretation of Newton’s laws which I found interesting. The author compares having a creative block to being in a state of rest. To get yourself out of that state, you need to put in some effort- compel yourself by force. But once you get in motion, you stay in motion unless something stops you. In this case, it’s not friction but perhaps negative thoughts that want to stop you. If you want to get physically more active (or anything else- maybe improve other skills), don’t let these negative thoughts impede you. Sure enough, you need to give yourself a little push to get yourself going, but that little push can be enough to spring you back into action.


Newton’s Second Law: Force is equal to mass times acceleration. [F=m*a]

Force is proportional to mass: the bigger an object is, the more effort is needed to get it into motion. But force is also proportional to acceleration. Looking at it in a creative way, the more effort (force) you put in, the faster you should see results.


Newton’s Third Law: Action and reaction are equal and opposite.

Forces exist in pairs. If a car hits a wall, the car exerts a force on that wall. However, the wall is also hitting the car and exerting an equal amount of force on the car, just in the opposite direction.

Another way to look at this law is, as my mam would say, “what you put in is what you get out”. It can apply to anything- The more you practice painting, the better an artist you’ll become; the more you practice music, the better the musician you’ll become; the more effort you put into getting fit, the better your results will be. 


The article I linked also adds some “take home wisdom from Newton” which I’m not going to write here as I don’t feel I can add anything that the author of that piece hasn’t. However all I will say is that no matter what it is- with a positive outlook and some effort, you can conquer your goals. Good luck:)

If you have any questions or other suggestions, feel free to comment- I love reading comments! :)

Thanks for reading