Finally did it! Final day of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge and I’m really happy to say that I exceeded my 20 minute target between skipping, hula hooping and walking. 

It’s been an interesting challenge. I know I tripped up a few times along the way but I’m so glad I did it and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s trying to get fit and healthy. The fact that I actually managed to get this far just shows that anyone can get fit. All it takes is some self belief and dedication and you can achieve your goals. 

I’ll have a post sometime soon about tips I found helpful and reasons why I think others should do the challenge :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this part of my blog. I want to thank all the lovely people who’ve followed, liked and comment- your support means a lot and encouraged me the days I felt I could have done better, so thank you! :)

Thanks for reading