The Fitness Challenge may be over for me but it’s not forgotten. It was always gonna be more than just a thirty day thing; I really wanted to make this part of my lifestyle and I’m so glad I did the challenge. I definitely encourage others to take the challenge as well- even if it’s not this particular one, there are so many reasons to get fit and here are just a few:

  1. You feel so much better – Not only do I feel like I have a lot more energy, but I noticed the times in the past few weeks when I felt down happened when I took a break from the challenge (And I can see that at a glance at the calendar widget :P) And exercise is proven to release endorphins which contribute to your good mood.
  2. It contributes to health – exercise helps reduce certain cancers, helps lower cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, strengthens heart muscle and lots more!
  3. Helps control weight – exercise not only burns calories but it also increases metabolism so you burn more calories at rest.
  4. You get sense of achievement/accomplishment- Because you do feel proud of yourself when you hit your targets :)
  5. It increases confidence and self esteem
  6. Exercise improves strength
  7. It helps you sleep better
  8. It improves flexibility and balance
  9. It improves focus- exercise increases the amount of oxygen getting to the brain which helps you focus.
  10. It can be fun and a great way to relax- I find nothing more relaxing than a nice swim in the evening after a long day. And if you don’t think exercise can be fun, then you just haven’t found the activity for you yet because I sincerely believe there’s something out there for everyone :)


And they’re only a handful reasons! For more reasons, here are some sites I quite like:



Sometimes you may feel like giving up, but don’t because it’s so so worth it and I’ve often said- if I could manage this, I honestly believe anyone can :)

Thanks for reading