Fear 3: Driving

So I’ve been learning to drive the last while back. At the moment I have my provisional license/ learner’s permit and I’ve been driving on the country roads but it was time to get out on the main road. That was a thought that terrified me for ages; I kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong: what if the car stalls in the middle of traffic? What if I accidentally change into the wrong gear? What if blah blah awfulness! 

But I finally did it! Got out on the main road and drove over 80 miles in one day! And I’m really proud of myself. I’m very thankful to my big brother too- he’s been such a wonderful teacher and so patient with me. There were times when I made some pretty bad mistakes; times when I felt absolutely panicked and begged him to take over the driving, but he encouraged me to keep going and not to give up. Even though he’ll probably never see this- love you big bro :)

So, any of you lovely readers learning to drive at the moment? For anyone else who wants to get out on the road but is nervous like me, my advice: just do it. Everyone has to begin somewhere and I’ve found most of the other road users are very understanding and patient too. I still have a long way to go but as they say- practice makes perfect:)

Hope you’re all having a lovely day

Thanks for reading