So I spent a big portion of yesterday helping a friend of mine to install a certain programme on his computer. It’s a horrible thing to install; I know this from my own personal experience with it last year. But whatever, I spent quite a lot of time helping him with it- this includes telling him exactly what options to click, blah blah and ways to fix the errors he had made himself. And eventually after hours of work, he puts up a status on facebook saying how “HE DID IT!!! HE finally figured it out”. Not one mention of me at all. He didn’t even thank me until he thought I might be annoyed and even then it was just a quick “Oh right.. thanks”

Don’t get me wrong, I want to help people if I feel like I can; I try my best with them. But it’s just that whole feeling that you’ve done your best and you had good intentions, but you weren’t appreciated at all; you were just totally taken for granted. I wasn’t looking for some kind of reward for my help- but just a bit of thanks or some sign of appreciation would have been nice.

Moral of story- sometimes it’s good to help people but don’t neglect your own work for someone who won’t appreciate you. Save for your time for the people who won’t take you for granted.

Sorry for the rant but I do hope you’re all keeping well :) 

Thanks for reading