One of the worst things you can tell yourself is that you can’t do something. Because when you tell yourself something’s impossible- that it’s too hard; it can’t be done, et cetera- you’ll actually find it does feel that way.

Earlier on, I was chatting to a student and she was telling me about how she hadn’t a clue about what was going on in lectures. I asked her what did she not understand. She replied- “everything!” She went on to tell me about how this subject was impossible and that one was awful and the other one was as complicated as a 10×10 hexagonal rubix cube (if those exist :P).

But that was ridiculous. She was telling herself that she couldn’t do it. And then she couldn’t. Because she didn’t believe she could. It’s a vicious cycle but so many people do it. My question is: Why? Why tell yourself you can’t do something?

Einstein once said that a genius is someone who can make something complicated seem easy. I honestly believe that no matter how complicated and difficult something appears to be- it can still be done in a series of easy steps. Of course thinking of, for an example, a college subject as just one big mega thing composed of complicated, nasty difficult material is going to be daunting. But if you break it up into smaller pieces- modules can be broken into topics; topics can be broken into lectures; lectures can be broken into lecture slides; slides can be broken into sentences- suddenly it all begins to feel more doable.

I used to put off learning how to drive because I was thinking of all the reasons “I couldn’t do it”. But driving, like subjects in college can be broken down into steps- learning how to start the car, learning about the gear stick, knowing the rules of the road, etc. It was only when I started thinking of it like that that I realised it’s nowhere near as complicated as I’d let myself believe- that I could do it!

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times, but I honestly believe people can accomplish amazing things. All they need is the determination, the self belief and to never give up!

Thanks for reading