In 1905, a woman watched in horror as the horse returned riderless. Her worst fears were confirmed when the body of her husband was found just a short distance away from her Australian home. With the sole breadwinner diseased and with no family in Australia to support her, she returned home to Ireland with her young children.

I find it amazing to think if just one detail of that story was different, there’s a strong possibility that I would never have been born. See, that man was my great-great grandfather; the woman, my great-great grandmother. If he hadn’t died, she probably would have stayed in Australia and her daughter would not have met my great-grandfather in Ireland. But even if he had died as few years sooner, my great-grandmother would never have been born and thus nether would her children and this blogger certainly wouldn’t exist in that case either!

Have you ever thought of how unlikely it is that you exist? I mean for you to have been born, each of your ancestors had to have been at the right place the right time to meet their eventual partners. And the farther you trace back the family tree, the more branches there are and more unlikely it is that every single one of those people would meet each other and whatnot. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to conclude that the chances of your existence is unlikely!

Sometimes life can be hard and we struggle to get through. But life is a gift. To exist, you’ve conquered the unlikely statistics. You’ve been so lucky to even have been born. 

Life is a gift. Treat it as one.

Thanks for reading,