I was watching a programme the other week called “How to be Happy” on RTE which I thought was very interesting. They mentioned that 50% of our happiness is ruled by genetics but the other 50% is controllable: 10% of which is due to how attractive we think we are (not how attractive we really are) and 40% is related to our attitude and how we see things.


RE this 40%, they spoke of “happiness ratios” i.e. the ratio of good things to bad things. So you might be thinking, people who had more positives in their life than negatives were happy, right? That wasn’t exactly the case. Those who had a ratio of 3 good things to every 2 bad weren’t actually oozing in happiness. Not that they were depressed either.. more so they were indifferent. The golden ratio was found to be 5:1– we need a lot more positives in our life than negatives to feel really happy. And the good things can be as simple as someone complimenting your new t-shirt or emptying the dishwasher for you; again what’s seen as good is down to the perception of the individual.


So what do you think of these ratios of happiness? Feel free to comment and whatnot :)

Thanks for reading