Last year, I began a fitness challenge; the aim was to go from being a very unfit person to someone who could actually go for a long cycle and not feel like death half way through. My plan was to start off doing a few minutes of exercise every second day and to gradually increase the amount of time as my fitness level improved. It seemed reasonable in theory.

The big problem though is that I am not a fitness expert. I did do a bit of research beforehand and even though I was definitely fitter after doing the challenge, the experience could have been much more efficient and effective. Since then, I’ve been reading various articles online and trying to form a new plan. Three websites I’ve found very helpful are:

Nerd Fitness


Fitness Blender

I found an interesting fitness programme on NeilaRey: 30 Day High Intensity Interval Training Challenge, which I’ve linked. This is brilliant for me because it has new workouts each day, great instructions and guidelines based on your fitness level. Fitness Blender have brilliant videos on youtube- tutorials in how to do various exercises, along with so many home workouts. Nerd Fitness has fantastic articles too.

So my new routine is:

1. Warm Up (I like this routine with fitnessblender)

2. Complete the Day’s HIIT workout, according to Neila Ray Challenge*

3. Cool Down (I use stretches from NerdFitness and Fitness Blender and do some yoga)

*Day 1 of the HIIT challenge was:

20 seconds of high knees followed by

20 seconds of squats followed by

20 seconds of burpees followed by:

1 minute rest and

Repeat for 4 more rounds.

I’ve completed the task for today and feeling fabulous. The burpees got a bit tough by round 5, but I got through them.

I’m really excited about this new challenge. I don’t know the people behind these websites but I thank them (even if they never see this post) for putting these resources online, free for anyone to use. The world ain’t a bad place at all.

Ready for Day 2 tomorrow!

Thanks for reading