I meant to post this earlier but today was a bit of a strange day… I was hoping to get Day 4 of the HIIT challenge done in the morning, but I ended up being away from home practically all day; it was eight pm when I returned. At this stage, it was dark and stormy outside and the last thing I felt like doing was a load of burpees…

…But the thought of skipping a day this early on in the challenge bothered me too much… so I finished the day’s task around 9pm- much later than I’d originally planned. Still though- done and dusted! Besides, the routine only took around 7 minutes (plus another 10 or so between warm up and cool down)- less than the amount of time I’d spend watching a programme on TV!

Lesson of the day- even if you feel you don’t have time- you can make time. Don’t give up, no matter how stormy it is outside. A lot can be achieved in a small amount of time.

Aiming to get tomorrow’s challenge done earlier!

Hope you lovely readers are having a good day/night! :)

Thanks for reading