So I did complete Day 12 of the HIIT challenge yesterday but for anyone wondering about my no-post- basically, I’m in the habit of doing the challenge and then updating this blog soon afterwards. Yesterday however, I was away in the morning and only home for about half an hour before I had to go again. In this half hour, I just had time to change clothes, warm up, do the day’s challenge, cool down, clean myself up and get dressed again. By the time I got home again in the evening, it was around 8.30pm and in my head, I thought- well I’ve got the HIIT done for today and the blog updated. It was only this morning I thought… oh wait…

Anyways yesterday’s challenge involved:

15 seconds climbers

15 seconds plank leg raises

15 seconds plank arm raises

15 seconds plank jacks

So I did this for 5 rounds with one minute rest between rounds as usual. I quite liked this challenge- the 15 seconds just seemed to fly by each time.

Today is Day 13- so I’ll update this blog again later when I’ve the new challenge done- half jacks!

Thanks for reading