Happy Halloween everyone! :) This year, I’m going as a fitter, happier Qcat!

Just completed today’s HIIT Fitness Challenge– managed to do the level 3 workout, so really happy about that. Today’s task involved different type of planks (each round lasted for 1 min 30 seconds and I rested for a minute between rounds):

30 seconds Elbow Plank

20 seconds Plank

20 seconds Raised Leg Plank (10 secs for each leg)

10 seconds Plank

10 seconds Elbow Plank

So anyone dressing up for Halloween or have any plans? Usually I don’t need to dress up- people just see me and run, screaming “That’s the girl who tells those terrible science jokes and puns! Run for your lives!!!!” :P

Enjoy the day :D

Thanks for reading