Oh wow, it’s been ages since I’ve updated this challenge. Even though I’ve been doing little things to push the limits of my comfort zone, I just haven’t been writing about them. Anyways, this challenge is all about facing fears- no matter how big or small. It’s different from the other challenges I’ve done too: there’s no set plan and no time limit. So…

Fear 4: Driving Test and Beyond

The last time I updated this challenge, I had my provisional licence. My fear was driving past the local village: to actually drive on the main road. With the help of my brother, I faced that fear and overcame it by driving 80 miles in one day to visit a certain landmark.

After months of accompanied driving, my confidence grew and I felt almost invincible (lol). Nothing could bring me down…

…except the driving test.

I went into the test, fully believing there was no way I’d fail.

Then I failed.

To be fair- I did tell some very awkward jokes about stealing cars (what in god’s name was I thinking, I’ll never know) and it was all downhill from there (literally. There were a lot of hills). But the main problem was using the instructor’s car rather than my own- the lack of familiarity worked against me big time on the day.

After a week of moping, I re-booked the test for September; this time, using my own car rather than my instructor’s. I felt okay at the time because September seemed so far away…

Then September happened… The whole week before my test, I had constant panic attacks and was only sleeping a few hours each night. It was almost unbearable. The driving test was all I could think about day and night.

Cue even more panic when I realised it was the same examiner. I remember wondering if he’d notice if I legged it for the door.

But I wanted my licence so badly and I knew I was a good driver. So with one last look back at the door of the centre, I began the test (omitting the terrible jokes this time!).

And this time- I passed :D

I can’t even describe how relieved and happy I was. My hard work paid off and now I can legally drive wherever unaccompanied.


When I wrote this post, I was tempted to omit the part of me failing the first time. But I had three reasons for including it:

1. To show why getting my full licence meant so much to me and why I was absolutely petrified of the test. (To be honest, I know I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much if I’d passed the first time).

2. To emphasise that just because you don’t succeed the first time, it shouldn’t be a reason you don’t try again.

3. Fear can be faced and overcame.

Thanks for reading