Fear 5: contact lenses

This might be a bit of weird one, but it wasn’t exactly a fear– more so the thought of touching my own eye made me jumpy. Anyway, I’d wanted to try contacts for ages, but it wasn’t until April 2013 I finally made an appointment with the optician. Long story short- the appointment was a disaster. The optician tried to force me to use her method (which I still can’t do); when I failed, she made awkward jokes and basically made me feel like an idiot. This post (from what feels like a lifetime ago) was actually written after that appointment.

I tried a few more times with the same optician, but each appointment was worse than the previous and I always left feeling stupid- like I couldn’t do anything. So I quit. I decided contacts weren’t for me.

But then in July I gave it another shot. I went to a different optician who was much more patient. She let me try the way I’d seen on youtube. When I failed, she didn’t make jokes about how terrible I was- instead she reassured me that with practice, I’d succeed.

And she was right. I’ve been wearing contacts since July and now I don’t even think twice about them. I barely cringe at all now about the thought of them ;)

So any of you readers wear contacts?

Thanks for reading