Okay, I know that yesterday was meant to be Day 30 of the Neila Rey HIIT Fitness Challenge but I was really sick and spent the day in bed. I felt terrible about missing the day, especially as it was the final challenge, but I really couldn’t help it :(

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit better now- still not 100%, but thankfully on the mend- and did the challenge today instead. Day 30 involved jump in planks, shoulder taps and squats (it’s easier to see from the link). I’d attempted the workout earlier in the day but didn’t get too far, but after resting for a while, I completed the level 1 target of 5 rounds (with a 30 second rest between each round).

Very disappointed with how I had to get sick when I was so close to completing 30 days straight of HIIT, but blast it- these things happen. Overall, I’m really glad I did the HIIT Challenge. The biggest changes I’ve noticed have been in my moods; the workouts each day made me happier and feel more energised and it’s such a great feeling to hit targets. My fitness level has definitely improved- I could barely get past round 3 on the first day, while towards the end of the challenge, I could complete the level 3 target. Physically, I’m leaner now (I was surprised with how baggy my skinny jeans had gotten!) and one day if I’m feeling brave enough, I might actually post before and after pics!

Would I recommend the challenge?

Without a doubt- yes! The daily workouts are so short, so they’re great for keeping fit on a time budget. They’re also varied, so they’re more fun than spending hours on a threadmill (in my opinion). And of course- they’re ideal for someone who wants to get fit but who doesn’t really know where to start; the instructions are brilliant but if you’re still unsure about an exercise, there’s even a library of videos showing how each move is done. So yes- Qcat loves! :D
Final comments

I just want to thank you all for all the support. The lovely comments I’ve received, the following and liking- it all means so much to me and I really appreciate it. You people are awesome! :)

I’ll post later about what I plan on doing next :)

Thanks for reading