I’ve completed the Neila Rey 30 Day HIIT Fitness Challenge, so now what? Well, when you reach your goals.. you just make new ones, right? So there it is- I’m making new goals:

1. Never exercise again

2. Eat as much junk food as is humanely possible

…. Only joking :P

My long term goal is get fit and healthier; this HIIT challenge was just the first step but my fitness journey is far from over. I want to be faster, stronger, have greater endurance- overall, be the best I can be. And I know it won’t all happen at once, but every step counts.

Since I really liked the HIIT challenge, I’m planning on doing more challenges from Neila Rey including:

30 Days of Cardio Blast

30 Days of Strength

Fighter’s Codex

Some Running Challenges (though I’ll leave these until summer on the off chance that it’ll rain less :P)

Before jumping straight into my next challenge, I’m going to follow the Amazon Plan (again, from Neila Rey) for the next 7 days, which concentrates on overall fitness:

Day 1: Super Heroine Workout (L1-L3)
Day 2: Ab Work / Stretching (L1-L3)
Day 3: High Burn Workout (L1)
Day 4: Super Heroine Workout (L1-L3)
Day 5: HIIT / High Burn Workout (L1-L3)
Day 6: High Burn Workout (L1)
Day 7: Ab Work / Stretching (L1-L3)

(Not sure if it’s obvious but Neila Rey is quickly becoming one of my heroes! :D)

After the Amazon plan, I’m thinking of choosing Cardio Blast and then do another training plan. Basically- I just want to keep moving! :)

So what do you think? I do plan on updating other parts of my blog too since I have more time now, so not everything is going to be “Today I completed Day X of Challenge Y”, though these challenges will be a big part of my life for the next while :)

So anyone else doing any challenges? Feel free to comment and whatnot :)

Thanks for reading