Some time ago, I think I lost sight of the original goals of my blog, which is why I’ve added this page: Goal Book. The aim of the Goal Book is to remind myself of my aims and help me keep on track.

Goals of this blog:
– Ultimately to achieve happiness in my own life
– Improve myself and become a better person
– Encourage others to make positive changes in their life
– Reach out to people who may be dealing with similar feelings as myself and remind them things get better

My personal goals that I want to address at some stage on this blog:
– Be more optimistic
– Be fitter
– Eat healthier and improve cooking skills
– Be more confident
– Improve skills
– Tackle fears

These goals are deliberately vague; I intend to address the second bunch though various (specific) challenges in the future, which I’ll add under the “My Journey” section of this blog :)