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July 2013

Facing Fears Challenge: Fear 3

Fear 3: Driving

So I’ve been learning to drive the last while back. At the moment I have my provisional license/ learner’s permit and I’ve been driving on the country roads but it was time to get out on the main road. Continue reading “Facing Fears Challenge: Fear 3”


Accepting Self/ My Struggle to Talk

I did a public reading today. Might not seem like that big of a deal but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while ‘cept I’ve always put if off. Because of my speech. Continue reading “Accepting Self/ My Struggle to Talk”

Why I encourage others to do their own Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge may be over for me but it’s not forgotten. It was always gonna be more than just a thirty day thing; I really wanted to make this part of my lifestyle and I’m so glad I did the challenge. I definitely encourage others Continue reading “Why I encourage others to do their own Fitness Challenge”

Facing Fears Challenge: Fears 1 and 2

Killed two stones with one bird (.. because killing two birds with one stone is too mainstream lol) and faced two fears tonight :)  Continue reading “Facing Fears Challenge: Fears 1 and 2”

Facing Fears Challenge

With the 30 Day Fitness Challenge out of the way, I thought it was time for a new challenge and here it is: The Facing Fears Challenge: – Make a list of things that scare you and face those fears. Continue reading “Facing Fears Challenge”

Law of Attraction

Ever wake up in the morning and tell yourself: It’s gonna be a good day? If not, then you should probably start :P Recently I’ve been reading about the Law of Attraction. Continue reading “Law of Attraction”

30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Finally did it! Final day of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge and I’m really happy to say that I exceeded my 20 minute target between skipping, hula hooping and walking.  Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 30”

30 Day Challenge: Day 29

Happy to say I’ve exceeded my 20 minute target for Day 29 of my challenge with about 20 minutes of skipping, hula hooping and jogging, plus an extra ten minutes of speed walking.  Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 29”

30 Day Challenge: Day 28

Just a quick post to say I’m gonna try and hit/ exceed my 20 minute target with the “usual”- skipping, jogging, pilates and hula hoop. I’m updating the blog now ’cause I might not get a chance later on. Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 28”

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