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October 2014

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 17

Happy Halloween everyone! :) This year, I’m going as a fitter, happier Qcat!

Just completed today’s HIIT Fitness Challenge– managed to do the level 3 workout, so really happy about that. Today’s task involved different type of planks (each round lasted for 1 min 30 seconds and I rested for a minute between rounds): Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 17”


HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 16

Just completed Day 16 of the neilarey HIIT Fitness Challenge. Today’s round involved:

15 seconds High Knees

15 seconds Side Leg Raises
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 16”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 15

Today’s HIIT Challenge finished for the day. Today’s round consisted of:

15 seconds Flutter Kicks

15 seconds Sitting Twists
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 15”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 14

Finished Day 14 of the neilarey HIIT Fitness Challenge. Today’s task consisted of up and down planks and lasted for 6 minutes 40 seconds (including rests). Not too bad! Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 14”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 13

Completed lucky day 13 of the HIIT Fitness challenge earlier today. Today’s round consisted of:

30 seconds half-jacks

15 seconds rest

30 seconds half-jacks
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 13”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 12

So I did complete Day 12 of the HIIT challenge yesterday but for anyone wondering about my no-post- basically, I’m in the habit of doing the challenge and then updating this blog soon afterwards. Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 12”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 11

Just completed Day 11 of the neilarey HIIT Fitness Challenge- can’t believe more than a third of the challenge is completed! Today’s round involved:
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 11”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 10

I’ve completed today’s HIIT challenge and feeling fabulous. Today’s task involved a mixture of exercises:

1. Half Jacks

2. Jumping Ts
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 10”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 9

Just complete Day 9 of the HIIT Fitness Challenge. Today involved different types of planks. Feels great having the challenge done nice and early :) Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 9”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 8

Day 8 of the neilarey HIIT Fitness Challenge is finito. Today’s round involved:

20 seconds half jacks

20 seconds climbers

20 seconds burpees with rotations
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 8”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 7

Day 7 of the neilarey HIIT fitness challenge completed. This one was high knees and the challenge itself took around 10 minutes (excluding warm up and cool down time; each round was 1 min 15 seconds with 1 minute rests between rounds). Feeling the burn, but it’s a good feeling because I’m hitting goals- happy out! Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 7”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 6

Completed Day 6 of the neilarey HIIT fitness challenge. This one isn’t too bad- different types of crunches, and it’s a short challenge too. Also ended up doing lots of walking this morning- I guess these boots are made for walking after all! Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 6”

HIIT Fitness Challenge Day 5

Day 5 of neila rey HIIT fitness challenge done and dusted! Felt quite sore this morning but I’m determined not to give up. Roll on tomorrow’s challenge! Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge Day 5”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 4

I meant to post this earlier but today was a bit of a strange day… I was hoping to get Day 4 of the HIIT challenge done in the morning, but I ended up being away from home practically all day; Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 4”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Just completed Day 3 of the NeilaRey HIIT fitness challenge. Today’s task:

One minute each of:
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 3”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 2

I’ve completed Day 2 of the NeilaRey HIIT Fitness Challenge. Today’s task was:

10 seconds elbow plank

20 seconds rest
Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 2”

New Fitness Challenge: Day 1

Last year, I began a fitness challenge; the aim was to go from being a very unfit person to someone who could actually go for a long cycle and not feel like death half way through. My plan was to start off doing a few minutes of exercise every second day and to gradually increase the amount of time as my fitness level improved. It seemed reasonable in theory. Continue reading “New Fitness Challenge: Day 1”

New Challenges. New Life. New Me.

When I started this blog in April 2013, my goal was to reform my pessimistic ways and become a happier, better person who was a positive influence in other people’s lives. I began by gradually changing my attitude towards life and aimed to get fit through my¬†fitness challenge. This blog definitely helped me retain positivity and to keep on track with my goals Continue reading “New Challenges. New Life. New Me.”

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