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April 2013

Discover the Valuable Benefits Exercise Can Have for a Cancer Patient

Here is a guest post by Melanie Bower about the benefits of exercise during cancer. Melanie is currently a Master’s student with a passion that stems from her grandmother’s cancer diagnosis. Recently she has been researching and writing about how staying physically fit can be extremely beneficial to people going through cancer treatments. To read more from Melanie, visit her blog for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.


Discover the Valuable Benefits Exercise Can Have for a Cancer Patient Continue reading “Discover the Valuable Benefits Exercise Can Have for a Cancer Patient”

30 Day Challenge: Day 10?

I think I got my days mixed up… yesterday was meant to be Day 10 of my Fitness Challenge, but I got it into my head it was today. Alas, I barely got 5 minutes of exercise today- I’m a bit sick at the moment- I’m guessing it’s a type of virus- and my head is killing me. Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 10?”

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

I mentioned in my post last Wednesday that I was probably going to make today day 9 of my fitness challenge since I was wrecked by the time I got home yesterday after my exams. On a side note, I can tell people I was two hours in a gym (just the location of said exams lol). Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 9”

Refusing to Succumb to Pessimism

I must say, this blog has really helped me to stay positive and optimistic- I want to thank everyone who left lovely comments and liked and followed me. I really appreciate it- you guys are awesome :) Continue reading “Refusing to Succumb to Pessimism”

30 Day Challenge: Day 8

So, today is Day 8 of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Haven’t met my full target yet, but I decided to update the blog since I have a few minutes spare now and might not get a chance later on. Anyway, I managed to get a ten minute jog in before the rain, and I plan on reaching my target with ten minutes of pilates or hula hooping later. Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 8”

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Just a quick post to say I met my goal today between a 15 minute jog and 5 mins pilates (which is a lot harder than I thought it’d be, but I’m getting the hang of it :)).  Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 7”

Facing Fears and Smiling

I did some volunteering work the other night- at a youth club in the same village as my old school. Ever since I’ve finished school, it’s always felt weird being back in that area. And not in a good-weird sort of way either. Continue reading “Facing Fears and Smiling”

30 Day Challenge: Day 6

I know yesterday was meant to be Day 6 of my fitness challenge, but somehow I didn’t get round to updating my blog between lab reports and study and whatnot. Anyway I didn’t manage to complete my goal yesterday, but I did get 10 minutes of exercise between pilates (thanks for the recommendation:)) and hula hooping. Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day 6”

Tea With A Stranger

Never underestimate the kindness of strangers; if there’s one thing I’ve learned this past week, it’s that. The other day, as I trudged through the pouring rain towards the city centre, I couldn’t help but notice a man sitting outside my favourite café. Continue reading “Tea With A Stranger”

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