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November 2014

Destroying the Universe by Cleaning Your Room

If ever you needed an excuse to not tidy your bedroom, just keep in mind that by doing so, you are contributing to the heat death of the universe. Really.

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy (disorder) always increases. In other words, things tend to get more disorganised and chaotic during reactions. For example, cutting down a tree into smaller chunks is increasing disorder. Continue reading “Destroying the Universe by Cleaning Your Room”

Qcat’s Next Step in the Road to Getting Fit

I’ve completed the Neila Rey 30 Day HIIT Fitness Challenge, so now what? Well, when you reach your goals.. you just make new ones, right? So there it is- I’m making new goals: Continue reading “Qcat’s Next Step in the Road to Getting Fit”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 30

Okay, I know that yesterday was meant to be Day 30 of the Neila Rey HIIT Fitness Challenge but I was really sick and spent the day in bed. I felt terrible about missing the day, especially as it was the final challenge, but I really couldn’t help it :( Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 30”

Facing Fears Challenge: Fear 5

Fear 5: contact lenses

This might be a bit of weird one, but it wasn’t exactly a fear– more so the thought of touching my own eye made me jumpy. Anyway, I’d wanted to try contacts for ages, but it wasn’t until April 2013 Continue reading “Facing Fears Challenge: Fear 5”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 29

Wow almost there! Just finished Day 29 of the NeilaRey HIIT Fitness Challenge. Today’s round included: Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 29”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 28

Day 28 of the HIIT Fitness Challenge done and dusted. Today involved: Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 28”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 27

Day 27 of the NeilaRey HIIT Fitness Challenge finished. Today’s round involved: Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 27”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 26

Just completed Day 26 (well actually Day 25‘s challenge since yesterday I swapped them) of the neilarey HIIT Fitness Challenge. Today’s challenge involved: Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 26”

HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 25

I mean… er… Day 25¬†for me, because I¬†actually did Day 26‘s workout. The reason I swapped the days is because the workout I did this morning was much shorter (less than 7 mins in total including 1 minute rests between rounds with no warm up) and I needed to do it as early as I could as I’m going to be away from home all day after this. I find it harder doing high knees (Day 25’s challenge) before breakfast than I do with planks (Day 26). Continue reading “HIIT Fitness Challenge: Day 25”

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