Happy almost New Year, everyone! :D So overall, how was 2014 for you? Mine was a mixture of very good and very bad but overall, there was much more good and that’s what counts i think :)

As I mentioned yesterday, I love making resolutions and ringing in the new year. But the other day when I was googling “fun resolutions” and I was surprised with the amount of articles complaining about the whole tradition- saying what’s the point in making resolutions if people just quit after a few days? I don’t really get the negative attitude- it’s just setting them up for failure. As I said yesterday- even if you mess up, it’s no reason to quit; if anything, it’s more reason to dust yourself off and start again, and each time you’re getting closer to your end goals. 

Anyway I made a long list of resolutions- to summarise my goals, I made a photo edit and stuck it on my book case so it’s the first thing I see in the mornings (along with other motivational notes):

mood boardOverall, I want to be healthier, fitter, happier, more optimistic and to dedicate more time to my hobbies and things I love… like most people haha.

But I’ve made my goals more specific too:

RE Fitness:
– Do Neila Rey Micro HIIT workouts every day through January
– Complete Neila Rey 30 Days of Strength (maybe start in mid Jan/Feb)
– Be able to run a 5K

RE Healthy Eating:
– Be able to cook basic healthy meals (and not kill myself with my cooking)
– Be someone my dentist would be proud of…

Other Goals (basically a lucky bag of randomness):

– Learn guitar
– Learn macrame
– Complete the cross stitch pattern I’m currently working on (and not lose my sanity)
– Learn Java and Javascript
– Learn to juggle
– Improve my level of Irish
– Join a dance class

They’re pretty much my main goals anyway- I’ve plenty more small ones too but I don’t want to bore anyone ha :)

So what’s your view on new year resolutions? Love them or hate them? And which ones have you made if any at all? :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D Here’s hopin’ that 2015 will a great year for everyone :)

Thanks for reading