donkey in well

Did you ever hear the story of the donkey in the well? It’s a story that crops up on social media every now and again. Basically one day, a donkey falls down the well. The owner is initially unsure about what to do, but then decides it’s not worth it to retrieve the animal as the donkey is old and the well needs to be covered anyway. He calls his neighbours to help him shovel dirt down the well.

The donkey starts to cry when he sees what’s happening, but after a while he becomes quiet. The farmer wonders about the quietness and looks down the well. He’s amazed at what he sees: with each shovel of dirt that hits the donkey, the animal shakes it off and steps on top of it. Eventually enough dirt builds up that the donkey just walks out of the well.

Moral of story: life can throw all kinds of crap of you, but you have two options:
– You can give up and let it smother you  or
– You can refuse to give up, shake it off and overcome it.

No matter how deep the well is, you can still get out of it if you’re determined enough to keep going.

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