Last time I posted about this challenge, I had bad sunburn so I put it off until last Monday. Much better now thankfully and even though I haven’t posted (due to dodgy internet), I have been keeping up with the challenge. However I’ve changed the challenge a little bit- I’m still following the Joanna Soh weights plan, but I’m changing the particular HIIT workouts. They still take 20 mins to complete (plus a 5 minute warm up), but I’m going to follow different workouts from Neila Rey rather than the 30 Days of Advanced HIIT plan. The reason for this is to do workouts I enjoy rather than forcing myself to do ones I’m don’t just for the sake of the plan.

I’m really happy with how this week has gone- I reached my goals of 20 mins HIIT each day (except Wednesday as I was away from home all day. I did do lots of walking though… lots) and kept up with the weights plan. I’ve also lost 2 pounds since last week (now weighing in at just below 9 stone).

Hope you’ve all had a great week. :)

Thanks for reading