Day 6 of the Cardio, Weights and Abs Challenge completed. Today I did: 

  • Joanna Soh Monday Weights Workout from her training programme (did 2 rounds of each superset)
  • Day 6 of Neila Rey Advanced HIIT [did each exercise for 30 secs, with 30 secs rest between for total of 21 mins]
  • Day 5 of Neila Rey Total Abs programme [did 3 rounds of 24 reps]

Overall, very happy with today. I think my form was much better with the weights this week, since I had the video in front of me as I did them (last week I couldn’t get internet access so I was doing the moves from memory.. which I wouldn’t recommend). The HIIT wasn’t too bad today either. Bring on tomorrow :D

Hope you’re all well :)

Thanks for reading